Bill Edwards

Hi! I'm a recently-graduated writer in the New York area. While attending Northwestern University (and Oberlin college before that),  I dove deep into a few kinds of writing. The first was comedy, contributing to Sherman Ave, Northwestern's premier humor site. The second was academic history--I spent over seven months in Argentina writing about 19th-century indigenous policy in Patagonia, in Spanish and in English. I've also written coverage of events, blogged while traveling, and interviewed. Across that spectrum of genre, a constant thread in my writing process has been research, time management and attention to detail and flow. I'm confident that the skills I've developed can be applied to any other kind of writing. Thanks! 


The Beginner's Guide to Understanding a Mulch Pit •

If you have any interest in landscaping your own garden or yard, you have likely heard chatter about mulch. You might also know that creating a good mulch pit can make all the difference when springtime rolls around. The process seems simple: buy mulch, put in a pile. Done deal, right? There’s a bit more to it than that. Even if you only recently considered implementing mulch into your garden, it is important to know how and when to use mulch. Here’s the information you need to make the most

Pope Francis Still Roots for His Hometown Soccer Team

As Pope Francis rode outside of the Vatican in early September, an Argentine man shouted a question about soccer at him. “Are we going to beat Boca on Sunday?” Boca referred to Club Boca Juniors, a Buenos Aires team that would later play San Lorenzo de Almagro, the Pope’s hometown squad. Founded in 1908 by a Salesian Priest, San Lorenzo is currently second in Argentina’s Primera División, a physical league where stars like Diego Maradonna honed their skills before heading to more lucrative co

A Letter to Residential Services (Comedy)

Dear Residential Services,Hi, I live in Elder, room 220. First and foremost, let me say that my roommate Jackson is a great guy. He’s probably the best friend I’ve made here, and that’s not just out of convenience. That said, we’ve encountered a few problems recently that I was hoping to discuss with you. Specifically, my roommate forgets to lock the door when he leaves and is in a blossoming relationship with my mom. I think it’s obvious why I’m upset about the key situation.

New Meal Plan Lets NU Students Pay for Dunkin' Donuts in Self-Esteem

EVANSTON, Il. - A new meal plan will allow Northwestern students to exchange their self-esteem for food at Norris Student Center’s recently-opened Dunkin' Donuts. The plan will allow the fast-food chain, along with Northwestern, to capitalize on the plummeting self-confidence of students who eat at Dunkin’ Donuts. “On opening day it became immediately clear that after eating our donuts, students were losing self-esteem and satisfaction with their body image—mostly due to the fattening nature of